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About MeTwin Tested Mother Approved is something that I’ve been working on for the past 3.5 years off-and-on.  The problem I continued to encounter is that I could never find solid time to dedicate and provide the nurturing this baby needed to grow and develop.  The only steps I’ve really taken is getting some things copyrighted pertaining to protecting my baby and jotting down ideas; my things to do list, so I wouldn’t forget the recipe once I was ready to get to baking!  My light bulb moment hit when I was four weeks pregnant during our first prenatal visit I heard the ultrasound technician say “I thought I heard two heartbeats!” and I responded yes “mines and the baby’s” matter-of-factly.  She responded “no in addition to yours”.  At that very moment not only was I still adjusting to the fact that I would be a mother in 35 weeks but now responsible for two little lives!  My emotions spiraled out of control.  From that moment I made purchases on countless books of every kind about what to expect but none prepared me nor helped explain some of the things I experienced, felt, or put the doctor’s language into lament terms.

Very early on we were told not to be surprised if our twin pregnancy became a single one.  Even as the pregnancy progressed they constantly told us that Aniyah may not survive.  They wanted to administer every test under the sun, even an amniocentesis, which could’ve risked the lives of both of our unborn children.  The only test I consented to was a genetic one, which comprised of them simply drawing my blood and explaining how my genetic make-up and age could play a factor. The repeat of this constant news made it really difficult to have a happy pregnancy but I turned it around and refused everything and declared that with God’s help both of my daughters would be healthy and beautiful! A few things remain constant in the Howard household: prayer, faith, research, self-education, and trial and error- these five things are a part of my everyday life. My OBGYN asked that I come in at 29 weeks to have a  2-day steroidal treatment, once there he said I’d like to keep you until you are 34 weeks.  I replied with, I was going to put myself on bed rest. He said I’m not putting you on bed rest I need to have you on constant monitoring, I cannot do that while you are at home.  I need to mention that my OBGYN, Dr. Genord was outstanding, he would come and visit me on Sunday’s before his son’s baseball game just to see how I was doing (hands down- this physician is the definition of bed side manner). One week later Dr. Genord made the call to deliver our twin daughters. Amirah was born weighing 3lbs. 1oz. and Aniyah 1lb. 5oz. and neither of them had to be intubated! At my 6 week follow-up appointment Dr. Genord said I would like to thank you.  I am thinking that I still have several levels of gratitude for him. Dr. Genord told me that he’s had several patients make very different decisions that yielded unfavorable results yet we were steadfast with our approach and our results were nothing shy of a miracle!   I am not a doctor but hence the light bulb! I decided to share this very personal story because many expecting mothers go through similar experiences without having answers and not knowing where to turn.

Though twins are more common people still have that aww moment when they are in the presence of multiples.  That is because multiples are special, it takes more fight from both the mother and babies to get here.  And no matter what when a mom of multiples runs into another mom of multiples there’s always the question of how old are they (secretly hoping the other twins are older) then you ask, “Does it get easier?”.  That answer is almost always, “It just gets different”! Moms of Multiples rarely have time to stand around and swap recipes or potty training secrets there’s just too much to do! That’s what Twin Tested Mother Approved is for!  Many people often ask how I get my girls to eat and try a variety of foods especially vegetables.  How do they know so much about certain spices and what is healthy for them? How did you get up the nerve and patience to allow them to help you cook in the kitchen? Even questions surrounding early childhood like sleep training–yes this is a very difficult task with twins, it is truly daunting when you have one child napping while the other is up playing.  Potty training, hitting milestones, etc.  I’ll talk about all of that and much more here on my blog Twin Tested Mother Approved!

And for those of you who do not have multiples, no worries, some of these tips and recipes will be just as useful and yummy for you as well! Twin tested methods, mother approved approaches and desirable outcomes. 


8 thoughts on “Home- Hello World!

  1. That was awesome and throughly enlightening.It is not short of a miracle it is an actual miracle. You never wavered your faith and allowed The Lord Christ Jesus to take over your pregnancy and show us all how powerful and Almighty he is.I am soooooooo looking forward to hearing much much more because with your babies I know it will be informative and knowledgeable. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ON ALL OF YOUR FUTURE ENDEAVORS.LOVE YOU.


  2. Every time I see a post on Facebook about you and your GIRLS,I think of your childhood nickname. WOW!!!You have grown to be a special,beautiful AMAZING women. You fill my heart with JOY.,and that comes from the strong women in your life(Mabel,Lynn,ELSIE etc.)GOD BLESS YOU IN ALL YOUR FUTURE ENDEAVORS……I STILL SEE THAT Lil GIRL….LOVE YOU


  3. i am so incredibly happy for you! This is awesome and I cannot wait to try some of your amazing recipes. I will never forget the moment we met. In a sleepy state, pushing a grocery cart full of food and babies. I wish life wasn’t as crazy and that you didn’t move halfway across the country, because I know we would have enjoyed some wonderful meals together! Your passion for life comes across in your faith and you food, but also your thriving girls, marriage and career! Looking forward to the wonderful things to come. Good for you my friend!


    • Thank you Colleen! I know our meeting wasn’t happenstance! And the fact that our birthday is the same day is crazy! I love seeing pictures of your girls, they are growing so fast! There’s one thing you said that I will always admire and remember about you and is now more important than ever because we don’t have family here (like you guys don’t there). You said we put our girls to sleep early so my husband and I can have some we time together every night! That is so important and vital to every relationship! We will be home in the summer let’s get together!


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